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    At first typically people tend to make necessary eating or lifestyle changes after surgery but fall off the wagon eventually. When you come home after surgery here are some tips to help you stay on the straight and narrow with food:
    1) Surround yourself with people that want to help.
    2) Surround yourself with good health info or tips, sign up for Doctor Mercola's newsletter may be a good start.
    3) Find foods that can replace your bad habit foods. Example, I love nuts and seeds roasted. But there are too many bad Omega 6's and PUFA's in them so I opt for macadamia nuts. They are so much healthier. But I do still limit myself.
    4) Stop drinking your calories. Cut the sodas and sugary drinks. Go for herbal teas, etc.

    Anyone else have any good tips.

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    It is so true that being around people who are there to help you is a necessity. Support, whether it be emotionally, physically, or spiritually, is of very high importance during a time of healing. I also agree that it is important to research health tips beforehand so that you are prepared afterward. Your last tip is my favorite! I never realized how many calories I was consuming just in my soda intake, and now that I drink mostly water, my calorie count is a lot more flexible. I have much more room to wiggle around. I only drink regular soda on special occasion. Otherwise, it's mostly water or some diet!

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    Avoid Discomfort after Your Gallbladder Removal Eat small meals, limit high-fat, gas-producing foods.

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