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    Question Colo-rectal scan

    I had a colo-rectal scan a few days ago, and I just got a call from the nurse saying that they found microscopic blood in the sample. I admit, I'm shaking like a leaf, and trying to calm down before I go into work! Have any of you had this done, and got a positive result? What happened afterward? Walk me through this if you can guys. I'm terrified and clueless! I know I have to see a specialist, but I don't know what the diagnosis could be, except the worst one!

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    I have not had this done, but the best you can do is stop assuming the worst. I know what it is like to prepare for the worst possible outcome and how nerve-wracking it is. I can't tell you to "just calm down" because that won't help. Microscopic blood in the sample can mean a lot of things and they aren't all severe. Further testing is probably going to be needed to find a specific cause of the blood. It could be anything from ulcers, to inflammatory bowel disease, to overuse of NSAIDs, and yes, possibly cancer.

    I was probably not much help, but I figured you might need some sort of response. It's going to be alright. I hope you feel better.

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