Hopefully the turkey coma has subsided, and no one has suffered any injuries at the hands of rabid Black Friday mall shoppers. Not to worry, we are safe and sound, and have been spending our morning poking around the web for some of our favorite deals that you can shop from the comfort of your couch (or wherever else you find yourself this Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Let's have a look!

<p dir="ltr">23andMe DNA Test –50% off:

<p dir="ltr">You have questions… 23andMe DNA Test has the answers. This kit provides you with a summary of your Ancestry Composition. It shows you the detailed percentages from regions around the world and traces your Ancestry Timeline to discover when different ancestries were introduced into your DNA. A great holiday gift for you or someone on your list.<br class="kix-line-break" />

<p dir="ltr">Fitbit Versa Smart Watch – 25% off:

<p dir="ltr">It’s the smartwatch experience designed with your goals in mind. Not only will it track your fitness, but the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch will send you alerts, let you listen to music, make payments without your wallet and provides online coaching. It also comes with cool accessories and clock faces, so it always matches your style. <br class="kix-line-break" />

<p dir="ltr">MaxKare Shiatsu Shoulder Massager with Heat – 36% off:

<p dir="ltr">Take a load off with MaxKare Shiatsu Shoulder Massager with Heat, thanks to 8 massage nodes that rotate naturally and change direction to mimic real massage movements. Perfect for stiff muscles on your shoulders and neck – the bidirectional shiatsu massage offers deep tissue kneading, and three levels let you adjust the massage intensity.<br class="kix-line-break" />

<p dir="ltr">Instant Pot DUO –36% off:

<p dir="ltr">This 6-quart, 9-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker offers custom features, improved usability and a large blue LCD screen. Up to 70% quicker, every meal will be perfect, thanks to 15 microprocessor controlled programs that take the guess-work out of cooking. Highly energy efficient, this kitchen friendly cooker emits no steam when cooking, contains all smells and automates your cooking.